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Archives 2008 [Archives]

2008 AMNRL Grand Final XI: New Haven Warriors 50 - Aston DSC Bulls 18

2008 October 18: Craig Bellamy: Melbourne Storm Head Coach visits NYC (.pdf)
2008 AMNRL Championship Game Poster (.pdf)
Rugby League National Championship Final salutes US Armed Forces (.pdf)
What is EAGLETAG? (.pdf)
2008 AMNRL Handbook (.pdf)
2008 Northern Raiders Roster (.pdf)
2008 AMNRL Domestic Schedule (.pdf)

The Raiders are located in the NY area practicing both in New York City and upstate. We are excited about our new players in both Kingston and New York City who will help form a new Raider team for 2008. The Northern Raiders went under new management in 2006 when we moved the club into the NY area from Milford, Ct. We expect big things from the club this being the third year that the club has been exclusively in the New York area. G.M. Joel V and AMNRL are also excited to have Tim L taking part in the management of the club having taken over as Assistant G.M. and Captain of the team. Please e-mail us for practice and more information: nyamericans@optonline.net

2008 Roster:

Alex Katsaitis
Alistair Tod
Andrew Grossman
Angelos Katsaitis
Anthony Kalamas
Anthony Sasso
Ben Heatley
Chris Cantiello
Chris Ray
Corey Creason
Dale Fitzgerald
Dana Johnston
David Bondarenka
Dean Diviesti
Derek Ramsell
Ely Aina Rapoza
Greg Pace
Ian Wadsworth
Joel Venables
John Acampa
Justin Kuncas
Justin McDonald
Justin Smith
Matthew Reilly
Mike Falatyn
Nathanael Cruz
Justin Smith
Nick Diviesti
Patrick Mitchell
Ryan Bell
Sam Butt
Simon Poplyansky
Timothy Lawrence
William Barrick

Round 1 - Week of June 7, 2008 | Knights @ Raiders

[Results: New York Knights beat the New York Raiders 48-0]

Intro: June 7, 2008: The Northern Raiders will host the The New York Knights at The Wallkill Airport (Wallkill, New York) at 2pm (see 'Location' link above for field directions). Temperatures are expected to be in the 90's. Expect a heated battle on Saturday as the 2008 AMNRL season begins for both teams. Come out and support the development of Rugby League in the United States.

Raiders Write-up:

Everyone great showing for game 1 vs the Knights. The defense of upstate NY went much better then last year . We doubled our numbers up to 30 plus players and we stopped the Knights a few times while still teaching a lot of players the game for the first time . Other then their practices. Some NYAmer guys, Some Regular Raiders, Special thanks to HV Rebals came out Dana, C Ray and Nate, Bill Barrick all helped a ton. Bill around 46 Bill is possibly retiring having played his last game in the toughest Rugby of them all vs the number 4 team in the USA- He always plays really played hard and we will miss him as he is off for the season now. This guy one tough Rugby player with mad Heart . Late second half He came off the field with a badly injured ankle on a freak play. Thanks again to Dana, Tim L and Justin who went to the train station to help pick people up. Dana especially who stayed longer and waited for the later guy who missed train. Not much time for actual big write up now so I'll put a few notes and then the team list. Super Boy Matt R from Suff bullmoose great game and thanks for coming so far your a true rugger like Bill, Dana ,C Ray ,Nate and any others that come from anywhere to practice or play no matter what the distance or the amount of weekends. Special special thanks to Allister and Ben and Sam , Tim L for helping teach guys and giving us some foreign flare finally. Allister helped me a ton at practice and by teaching guys the basics while Tim Ben and I finished the goal posts.

Line-up Alphabetically

Allister T great Australian player we now have to help us great running and moves rushed for 50
Andrew G great FB and SH played awesome in his first game - brought a good wing too
AJ played great first game
Alex MVP of the day great runs/hits- USA selector put him in the USA national player pool
Angelo Great hits played hurt and ran into the teeth of the defense for us. Captained the side
Aina great football player hit some guys so hard they were still whining at drink-up
Ben H or resident New Zealand super star great play making even with late ball and our un- organized offense He and Allister/Andrew made some stuff happen- Rushed for 50 yards
Bill B HV Rebals and Empire player awesome tackles rushed for 20
C Ray played great as ussual since he is a sevens guru and our play by ear wide open offense fits
David B Started at wing and held it down awesome vs a top pro great tackling on overload
Dale took some great sparks off the base . thats what we need rushed for 35 yards
Dana Now playing already in her second game as a Raider she runs into the teeth of the defense for the tough yards. One if not the first women to ever play League in the USA. Raiders
Dean -Marboro football played awesome in his first game -hitting everyone and bringing out 2 other great players- rushed for 20 yards
Ian - Marboro Football great hits awesome open field tackles - we need more guys like these guys
John C fairfield Lineman should have always been given the rock - almost scored and carried for at least 50 yards Sat.
Justin AlbanyKnick originally and NYCity prop holds our scrums together and picked up 20 yards
JV - Me played ok - coached avg at best - worked the subbing poorly
Matt Super boy came 150 miles plays a great SH gave us depth/tackled great and picked up 35 yds playing 4 positions
Melon a great hooker who tackles hard and really helped the team defense 20 yards rushing
Nate HV Rebals played a big second row and 8 man sometimes great runs and hits 20 yards rushing
Nick Marboro football rushed hard and tackled hard 20 yards rushing
Sam B Our great English Center stayed wide for us mainly today tackled great and picked up a cool 30 yards
Simon playing his first league game he came up big at center and wing great job rushed for 20
Tim L Asst GM he is A 5 year Raider vet- great runs hits -rushed for 20
Tim G - our second row returning Vet played solid if not was a Captain and force
Tony A top footballer who carried great for us and stepped up to tackle inside vs the number 4 team Knights. great runs --rushed for 35 yds
Tonys friend Justin Big dude who can be a force and was! even though I only got him out there 10 minutes.

Knights Write-up (courtesy NYKnights): Knight Shutout Raiders in Season Opener June 7, 2008

The New York Knights traveled up to Newburgh, New York to face the Northern Raiders in their AMNRL season opener. Facing a much improved Raiders side, the Knights prevailed 48-0 under sweltering heat and less than ideal field conditions. After a slow start, the Knights game plan slowly took shape as the Knights shook off early season errors. As the New Yorkers settled in, the match quickly became one sided. The Knights started a balanced sided with a number of newcomers as well as veterans. Dani Patrick, Stephen Gowa, Beaudi Cullen, and Daniel Taylor all impressed during their Knights debut while veterans Jeremy Jezza Kosbob, Gareth Baxendale, and Matt Astill all showed their leadership by directing play. After Jezza opened scoring with his first of three tries, the Knights never looked back. The Man of the Match was award to Sean Baby Face Taylor for outstanding play in his Knights debut. Only a Rutgers' underclassmen, Taylor broke for many long runs and was solid in defense all day. Baby Face should have a bright future in the AMNRL. Next Saturday (6/14), the Knights host the Jacksonville Axemen at the Castle (Pier 40). Last time the two teams met, the New Yorkers narrowly defeated Jacksonville at the University of North Florida. The Knights expect a similar challenge during their home opener!

Knights Tryscorers:

Jeremy Kosbob (3)
Beaudi Cullen (2) (1 conversion)
Matt Astill
Danny McDermott
Daniel Taylor
Dani Patrick (2) ( 3 conversions)
Gareth Baxendale

Round 2 - Week of June 14, 2008 | Warriors @ Raiders

[Results: New Haven Warriors beat the New York Raiders 76-0]

Intro: June 14, 2008: The Northern Raiders will host the The New Haven Warriors at The Wallkill Airport (Wallkill, New York) at 1pm (see 'Location' link above for field directions). Come out and support the development of Rugby League in the United States.

Raiders Write-up:

We played some of our best Rugby League defending lower NY at Wallkill airport vs the New Haven CT Warriors. We had 15 players but after two players had two sit out with minor injuries and two sin bins and we had to play down 1 or 2 players most of the game (We have better numbers again now it was just a bad week) What a game !! MVPs were many but some that I can remember were AJ who rushed the ball 14 times picking up tough yards with a 10 yard avg for 140 yards --- Angelo with great hits and runs, John C went thru people for some massive runs crushing 4 warriors on one that went for 50 yards. Tony had many runs that amassed about 60 yards While Dean rushed for a cool 110 yards even in a losing effort. The S Dude had seven onsides kicks that worked (If the ball goes out on a bounce in league the kicking team gets the ball. Therefore we had 35 free offensive plays. John C scored a try that was called back but we are giving it to him on the stat board. Aina who almost missed work was hitting everyone and tackled along with Corey & Angelo maybe 45 guys combined. Angelo who had been over shadowed by his brother and a tricky ankle the week before exploded on the Warriors making hit after hit. Corey one MVP from the upstate backs and had a great game. Justin from Albany Knicks and now the NYCity took the ball on some tough plays for us when the defense was ready and we attacked too slow. Still he rushed for 35 and made some outstanding tackles. Nick and Ian can't say enough about them and Dean they play every game and they hit and can run great pick-up for the team. Awesome job guys. Backwash Derek and Middletown Derek played great as well both were key components on what could have been the best Raider team since we had the 7 Aussies in 2004. Dana had some good hits and carriers played with great heart. Good luck in Tennesee. The fact that the Warriors wouldn't let Dana play till second half kept us down a player at times-- Snitchel mitchel was the man taking his 258 lbs and slamming them into the warrior defense-- great job. (Too bad you cant UFC fight). And of course our Ast. GM Tim Lawrence was awesome running hard and tackling hard bringing experience and power to our team. And of course Sdude's (me) kicking gave us the most offense we have had in Wallkill and he played o.k. of course.

Line-up Alphabetically

Aina: NYCity
A.J.: Kingston
Alex: Wallkill
Angelo: Wallkill
Brian O: NYCity
Chris Cantillo
Cory: Kingston
Dean: Marboro
Derek: Pinebush
Ian: Marboro
John C: NYCity
Justin: Jersey City
JV: Beacon
Mitchel: Kingston
Nick: Marboro
Tim L: Carmel
Tom Baisley: Kingston

Warriors Write-up (By: Brian Lowe, American Rugby News): Raiders Fall to Warriors in AMNRL Week 2 Action

The New Haven Warriors continued their scintillating start to the season with a 76-0 hammering of the Northern New York Raiders. 13 tries and 12 conversions were tallied by the Warriors, who led 44-0 at halftime and who were without Siose Muliumu serving a one-week suspension for a high tackle in last week's season opener against the Wildcats. Luke Carr was one of the stars of New Haven's show with three tries and all of the conversions for a personal haul of 36 points. Also getting on the scorecard were Ed Reed (2), Adam Hamon (2), player/coach Matt Doeg, and Salesi Tongamoa. "We stuck to the game plan pretty well", Doeg told ARN. "Overall I was pretty happy with our defense. It was a good team effort."

Round 3 - Week of June 21, 2008 | Raiders @ Wildcats

[Results: Connecticut Widcats beat the New York Raiders xx-0]

Intro: June 21, 2008: The Northern Raiders vs. Wildcats ~4pm at The New York Military Academy. NYMA is located on the northern edge of Cornwall-on-Hudson, six miles north of West Point and five miles south of Newburgh, at the junction of Routes 9W and 218 and Main Street Cornwall. Come out and support the development of Rugby League in the United States and support the JoJo Moore Tournament.

Raiders Write-up:

Tony was our leading rusher and played like an animal in the League game vs the Wildcats USA's number 1 team. Justin, Andrew, Patrick, Simon, Greg, Tim L, and Tim G had great games thru the tournament.

Line-up Alphabetically


Widcats Write-up (xx): Xx


Round 4 - Week of June 28, 2008 | Raiders @ Warriors

[Results: The New Haven Warriors vs New York Raiders xx-xx]

Intro: June 28, 2008: xx

Raiders Write-up:


Line-up Alphabetically


Warriors Write-up (xx): Xx


Round 5 - Week of July 11, 2008 | Raiders @ Knights

[Results: The New York Knights beat the New York Raiders 70-0]

Intro: July 11, 2008: The Northern Raiders vs. The New York Knights at Pier 40 NYC at 8:30 pm (West Side Highway and Houston Street). Come out and support the development of Rugby League in the United States.

Raiders Write-up:

Raiders lose in tough battle in the City past Fri night --- but rush for 450 yards and have about 7-10 standout new players. (Pictures of the elite 25 coming) and stats

Line-up Alphabetically


Knights Write-up (courtesy NYKnights): Knights Blank Raiders 70-0 July 11, 2008

Several Knights legends returned to the pitch to host the Raiders in a 70-0 shutout. The Knights played a more expansive game this past Friday moving the ball wide through the hands of half-back Jean Philippe Martinez, five-eighth Beaudie Cullen, and fullback Dani Patrick. Although there were a plethora of tryscorers, Knights legends Hayden James, Glenn Treacher, Nathan Gooley, and Chris Martin made the most remarkable performances in their homecoming. Hayden James made strong runs up the middle swatting defenders like flies often opening up gaps for the outside backs. Glenn Treacher laid down the Welsh Hammer on defense bullying the far younger Raiders on more than one occasion. Nathan "Gools" Gooley filled in at hooker often catching the defense sleeping with runs from dummy half. Finally, The Jacobs Creek "Man of the Match" went to Chris Martin for his "Barry Sanders" like runs and his try saving tackles. The Summer of Martin continues.... Next Friday, the Boys in Blue host the AMNRL Champion Wildcats. The Knights hope to avenge their lost to the Wildcats from earlier this season. Both teams are close in the standings and will be pushing hard this weekend for a strong playoff seeding.

Round 6 - Week of July 19, 2008 | Fight @ Raiders

Results: post

Round 7 - Week of July 26, 2008 | WAR AT THE SHORE

Results: post

Round 8 - Week of August 2, 2008 | Raiders @ Eagles

Results: post


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