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Archives 2009 [Archives]

2009 AMNRL Grand Final XII: New York Knights 32 - Jacksonville Axemen 12

Rugby League World Profiles NRL USA (.pdf)
USA to Play Jamaica in Jacksonville (.pdf)
NRL Finals Series on Spike TV (.pdf)
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2009 Northern Raiders Roster (.pdf)
2009 AMNRL Domestic Schedule (.pdf)

Please e-mail us for practice and more information: nyamericans@optonline.net

Round 1 - Week of June 13, 2009 | Raiders @ Boston

Roster for NY Raiders vs The Boston 13:
Derek Stampone - NY Raiders Geneseo NY State Rugby hooker, Empire State olympic team.
Dean Marboro - NY Raiders center, leading rusher for Raiders vs Knights, 2008 Raiders rookie of the year. NYAmericans RFC 2008
Nick Marboro - NY Raiders prop, 2nd row, Raiders Big hit award at Jo Jo tournament, NYAmericans RFC 2008
Ian Highland - NY Raiders prop, 2nd row, Most tackles at Airport field June 08, 2008 Rookie of the year, NYAmericans RFC 2008
Jaron NYC - Chicago Lions Super league, Track star, Brooklyn Rugby, MVP of Midnight sevens
Kevin Martin-NY Raiders center, Fly, 2nd row, NYC Empire state olympic team, New Jersey union rugby collegiate allstar
Tony-NY Raiders "Fly Boy" wing, sh, center, fly, 3 Big hit awards, Rookie of year 2007, White Plains rugby
Matt Rielly "Super Boy "- NY Raiders SH, center, fly - Suff Long island SH met allstar, Stoney Brook State SH, NY Raiders Captain vs Boston
Andrew Gotlieb, NY Raiders SH, Fly, North Carolina Allstar, NYAmericans 2007-08 multiple game MVP. NYCAmers leading try scorer 08
Joel V, NY Raiders 8, fly - White Plains, Old Blue, North USA Allstar, South Allstar
Possibly Rob Ploth - Hoftsra Captain/prop Long island RFC rookie of the year, Collegiate Met union allstar
Possibly Coffman Kingston HS Captain
Possibly Brian & or Patrick O'neal Raider Vets and starting center wing FBs, 2nd rows
Possibly John Royal - Long Island Rugby and Kiwi Rugby League coach/NY Raiders part-time coach
Possibly Big Patrick Mitchel NYAmerican Kingston Maddogs and NY Raiders big hit award
Possibly Sienna
Possibly Mike from Bullmoose and Long island

[Results: The Northern Raiders 7 - The Boston 13s 64]

Intro: 06/13/2009: The Northern Raiders will travel to Boston for the 1st match of the 2009 AMNRL season: The Boston 13s Website; E-mail: info@boston13s.com

Raiders Write-up:

Last week the NY Raiders brought the youngest All American League team in the USA up to Boston to play the new and Pro Boston 13s Team. We had 6 nineteen year olds and 4 twenty one year olds. Super Boy, Gottlieb, Tony and I
The Raiders with minimal practice and never having stepped on the field together played well against a Boston team led by 2 professional Kiwis 2 Australians and a 250 lbs Somoan none of whom even had a drink at the drink-up. They have come for one reason and thats to play League in the AMNRL.
Despite all the Odds the Raiders called each other and brought out a strong young team. Led by Long island Rob P and his crew of Kevin and Sal all 19 years old the three grabbed one of our Captains SuperBoy and put down their whole Saturday to make a huge commute to Boston from out on LIsland. From the North NY 3 other 19 yr olds lead the charge Nick, Ian and Dean last years Vets also helped hold us together with great defense and offense.
Our next 4 youngest players 21 year old Derek from Geneseo and Derek from Kingston/New Paltz and Chris Tagia from White Plains, Sliver from CT Thanks again guys great playing.
Andrew Gotlieb, Tony and I finished up the team and did OK ourselves. Gottlieb went sick everywhere as well as Tony who almost battled the huge Somoan dude and made multiple tackles and slammed himself into someone on an Onside kick to get the main assist for the FIRST RAIDER TRY of 2008 and 2009. Good kick placement by me S-dude. Huge play Tony and Gottlieb on the Try scoring set and finally awesome run by Rob Ploth who took ball over three guys to score the first try for the Raiders amnrl season and first of his career. Rob is perfect for the sport of Rugby league being big motivated and fast he takes full advantage of the 15 meter space between the offense and defense that League provides. Similar to Deans first game a year ago. We went down early in the game but on a great field with 20 meter astro turf try zones the game was awesome to play in. Mystic river union team was amoung the fans and a few will play for Boston soon.


1) Tony huge plays, incredible body sacrifice in a head on collision he won to get our onside kick to help get RobsRaiders try. (He took a big bump for it) 15 tackles, 1 assist, 6-120 yards rushing, 2 BHFTs, 1 RK 30, 3 qltypasses (awarded Captain spot with Rob and Super Boy next game) almost in a fight we would have had to go all in . BIG HIT AWARD, 1 try saving tackle
2) Derek S: 1 assist 9 tackles; 1 forced turnover/BHFT -4-50 yds rushing, 6 quality passes, Once again came thru in many ways for the team
3) Andrew G: 1 assist, 9 tackles,6 quality passes, 7-80 yds, 1rk 30, great SH and fly center play. great job as usual he will be back for the war at the shore
4) Nick Marboro: 1 assist, 9 tackles, 2 - 20 yds, 6 quality passes played a great prop once again. Props are the key to every team great to have Nick back. played thru even with heavy calf cramps.
5) Ian: Huge turnover on a big break by other team, I caught the guy slammed him ball lose Nick laid out to dive on it for a huge Raider turnover 2 BHFTS. 1 assist, 4 -40 yds, 12 tackles big defense day. Defensive MVP
6) Super boy: great scrumhalfing and an awesome play pass and burst pass back for 60 meter phase with Taglia good center play and Captain team with me. 1 assist 7-120 yds, 11 tackles, Big hit award on a huge tackle vs Somoan dude, 1 rk30, 12 qps
7) Dean: big day on defense and played hurt thru out usually our leading rusher he shared ball for team benifit and played awesome. Second on the team in tackles with 14 1 assit 3-40 yds, 5 qps 1 try saving tackle
8) Rob Ploth: MVP on Day -- got a man of the match Boston Ball took some of our tough carries and then scored the first try of 2009 campaign and his career. Big hits great defense as well and awesome job bringing Kevin and Sal two great new Raiders on a day we needed every man. 1 TRY, 8-110 yards, 11 tackles, 1 bhft, 1 RK30, 4 quality passes
9) Kevin Long island: 1 assist 5-90 yds, 10 tackles 1 rk30, 5 qps, 1 try saver tackle played every position came up big in Raiders history as we had a great group from Long island that gave the team a huge burst for 2009. great defense with some nice open field tackle to save a try.
10 ) Sal Long island: great play on a few kickoffs and some huge runs in tough yards. Sal is a 6' 3"and gives us some needed athletism inside. Tackled their main big runner a huge 6 foot 6, 300lbs guy at least 3 times. probably could have also been Defensive or man of the match third runner up.
11) Chris Taglia Miami/White Plains: OUR LEADING RUSHER 168 yds on only 7 carries, 4 qps, 1 assist, 9 tackles, great speed and field stepping, rushed for 168 but also laterly stepped at least 5 players, Huge aquisition for the Raiders and may be bringing out some more football players to join us and help build the Raiders
12) S-Dude: 1 ast, 1 conversion, 1 drop goal for 3 pts total, 3 onside kicks
13) Derek from Kingston 1 assist, 4-60 yds 7 tackles, great job over all team player and let other guys step up today while he helped us at wing, center, fb and he led us at the drink-up and stayed in Boston till missing (joke) more to come later when he updates us
Raiders yahoo group coming soon and Pictures of the game . Thanks joel

Write-up (courtesy xx): Need upload

Round 2 - Week of June 26, 2009 | Raiders @ NYC

Roster for The Northern Raiders vs The New York Knights:
01 Kevin Martin Empire games
02 Sam Butts England
03 SBs English friend 1
04 SBs English friend 2
05 SuperBoy Suff Long island Raiders Capt
06 Simon Raiders and NYAmericanMaddogs
07 Tony K Raiders Capt and NYAmericanMaddogs
08 Chris Taglia Miami U
09 CTs friend footballer Charlie
10 CTs friend footballer Antonio
11 CTs friend footballer Danny
12 Tom SUNY New Paltz Hawks Rugby
13 Derek SUNY New Paltz Hawks and Syracuse Chargers
14 Nick D NY Raiders soccer allstar
15 ND's Australian friend Australia rugby
16 Dale NY Raiders wing/center upstate rugby
17 Greg long island rugby plus midnight sevens runner up mvp
18 Brett Horn SUNY New Paltz 2001 and NYAmers/Raiders
19 Joel V SUNY New Paltz 93 and Marist RFC
[Coffman; Brian and/or Patrick O'Neal; John Royal; Big Patrick Mitchel; Sienna; Mike Long Island; Pinto]

[Results: The Northern Raiders 4 - The New York Knights 32]

Intro: 06/26/2009: RAIDERS @ KNIGHTS at Hudson River Park's Pier 40 field a.k.a "The Castle" located at west Houston Street and the West Side Highway in Manhattan. Pier 40 is located near the 1 subway line at the Houston Street stop. Parking is also available for a fee.

The New York Knights Website

** The Northern Raiders would like to thank their 2009 sponsor, wotif.com, a global online accommodation specialist, for their continued support. Visit wotif.com for a broad range of hotels, motels, apartments, resorts and bed & breakfasts around the world.

Raiders Write-up: Need upload

Write-up (courtesy of The New York Knights):

The New York Knights after suffering a self-inflicted defeat to the Axemen last week were back in form last night as they defeated the much improved Northern Raiders by a score of 32-4.

While the Knights rested a few of their battle scarred players, the reserve bench had their work cut out for them against the gamely Raiders led by Raiders President and Captain Joel Venerables.

The first half saw the Knights get out of the blocks very quickly keeping the ball deep in the raiders half. However reminiscent of the prior weeks game, the Knights were unable to score in the red zone, coughing the ball up to the Raiders. "Our timing was off in the beginning of the game" said game captain Mike Bird. "We had some new guys in different positions and it took a while for us to get use to one another!" The see-saw battle continued until the Knights scored after a strong run by Cartwright.

Scoring shortly thereafter for the Knights were centers Chris Doyle and Tom Scheinzbach.

The second half started off much better for the Knights after fullback Dane scored after a 80 meter run to the corner. Despite some excellent defensive and offensive efforts by the Raiders it was pretty much lights out after a pair of trys by Knights second rower Xavier "Jaws" Lozinguez. Acting Coach Matt Astill was generally pleased with the outcome. "I thought that our forwards did a good job most of the game. I must also give credit where credit is due, Joel did a good job with his young side; the young Raiders never gave up!"

The night also served as an opportunity for three former Knights greats, Glen "Arthur" Treacher, Dave "Kiwi" Wickenham and Christopher Curtis Clinton a/k/a "Kamala" to take the field and show some of the younger players they way things "used to get done"! Glen showed the crowd that he was still the man with both a strong offensive run from a kick-off and his patented in your face defensive style! Kiwi, with his trademark white boots, showed some his old footwork as he side stepped three raiders defenders on his way to setting a try. Probably the best moment came when Kamala stepped on the field to thunderous applause from both sides. Kamala now well over 370lbs, showed the fans that he could still invoke fear in the hearts and minds of defenders as he took his first hit up! "It was just like how I remembered things." said the giant prop after the game. "The jerseys are much tighter then I remember, but as we say in Trinidad, rugby is rugby!".

The Knights have a week off in celebration of the 4th of July weekend but will use the two weeks to prepare for their match against the newest team in the competition, the Boston 13's at home on Saturday July 11th.

Round 3 - Week of July 11, 2009 | The Bucks County Sharks RLFC @ NJ

01) Capt Tony playing Scrum half & Full Back
02) Sal mvp runner up vs Boston 6 foot 3
03) Rob Ploth mvp vs Boston 245 lbs
04) Coffman Kingston Rugby allstar
05) K Martin NY State Olympic team
06) Chris Taglia Univ Miami Raiders leading rusher with 230 yards
07) Derek Ramell Syracuse Chargers
08) Danny C Taglias friend Hartford Rugby Club great defense
09) Pinto New Paltz Allstar Raiders defensive award in 2008
10) Justin V Captain of Kingston NYAmericans; Albany Knickerbocker
11) Corey All county Football 6 foot 7 inches
12) Mitchel Kingston NYAmericans prop; MVP 2008 Raiders vs Knights 250lbs
13) Darnell Fishkill/Beacon football 6 foot 4
14) Oscar WPlains Rugby New Rochelle Allstars
15) Brett Horn Defensive MVP in Knights game
16) Blake New York Rugby allstars, MVP runner up vs Knights
17) Joel V New Paltz, Marist colleges, Raiders Capt

[Results: The Northern Raiders xx - The Bucks County Sharks xx]

Intro: 07/11/2009: Saturday, July 11, RAIDERS @ SHARKS in NJ 1pm: Falls Township Community Park ("Shark Park"), Millcreek Road, Levittown, PA 19054

Directions; Map:

From Philadelphia and South of Philadelphia Take 95 North to the route 413 exit and make right at the ramp, this comes up after you take 95 through Philadelphia. Head on route 413 south to route 13 north and make a left. Take route 13 North approx 6 miles past Plavins appliances to Mill Creek Road exit. Take exit and at the bottom of the ramp make a right. The park is about a 1/4 mile on the left hand side and follow the road back to the field.

From the PA turnpike: Take the Turnpike East to Exit 29 (Delaware Valley Exit) Exit and follow signs for route 13 north towards Levittown. Take route 13 North approx 6 miles past Plavins appliances to Mill Creek Road exit. Take exit and at the bottom of the ramp make a right. The park is about a 1/4 mile on the left hand side and follow the road back to the field.

From New Jersey (Trenton Area and North and West of Trenton) Take Route 1 South into Pennsylvania. Exit at route 13 south for a few miles to the Mill creek road exit. Take exit and at the bottom of the ramp make a left. The park is about a 1/4 mile on the left hand side and follow the road back to the field.

The Bucks County Sharks Website

** The Northern Raiders would like to thank their 2009 sponsor, wotif.com, a global online accommodation specialist, for their continued support. Visit wotif.com for a broad range of hotels, motels, apartments, resorts and bed & breakfasts around the world.

Raiders Write-up: Need upload

Write-up (courtesy of xx): Need upload

Round 4 - Week of July 18, 2009 | The New Haven Warriors @ The Northern Raiders

Round 5 - Week of July 25, 2009 | The Northern Raiders @ Washington DC Slayers

[Results: Postponed]

Round 6 - Week of August 1, 2009 | WAR AT THE SHORE XII


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