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American National Rugby League History

Welcome to the American National Rugby League (AMNRL), RLIF Member (through Super League America) and Official Developer of Rugby League in the USA. The American National Rugby League (AMNRL) is dedicated to the development, promotion and expansion of professional Rugby League in the United States. As part of the global expansion of rugby league, it is our aim to present to the American sports fan this exciting action sport. Rugby League is a tremondous sport ready to assume its place in the American sporting arena. Through the medium of education and increased visibility, the AMNRL intends to promote Rugby League at all levels. We invite you to share in our vision of developing this game throughout schools, colleges, communities and on the international stage. From it's humble beginnings in the northern coal mining towns of England, Rugby League has grown globally and is now enjoyed and played professionally throughout the world. This organization began with one man coaching in a small park outside of Philadlephia, PA. It has grown on the East-Coast to include more than 300 athletes participating in six semi-professional teams with a National Team competing in World Class Events. The future of Rugby League in America exists within this organization, and the AMNRL intends to maintain its commitment to developing the game at all levels for all people.





New York Raiders 2010

Northern Raiders 2004

Rugby League History

First Rugby League World Cup between France, Australia, New Zealand and Great Britain

Game established by The Rugby school, Warwickshire, England

International expansion resulted in regular international matches

1895 - 1906
Rules modified and number of on field players reduced from 15 to 13 -- makes the game more exciting and draws a broader paying fan base

1895: "Great Schism"
Working class northern players clash with southern counterparts over payment for 'broken time' - compensation for lost work. The "Great Schism" leads to formation of 22 club Northern Union, which in 1922 becomes Rugby League.


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